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No Contract Services:

We understand that being in a contract is scary and forces you to be with a cleaning service that might not clean to the needs of the company. At Cleaning Unlimited we pledge to keep your company 100% clean, which is why we offer NO CONTRACT services and a fixed monthly rate for a year. If our services do not meet the needs of the company, then you may cancel our services anytime (with a 30 day notice) with no penalty.


At Cleaning Unlimited we also understand that not every business operates on the same time schedule. While some businesses may operate on banking hours that doesn’t mean that they all do. As business owners ourselves, we understand how disrupting it can be to have people in your way and interfering with the normal workflow in your office. That is why our company fits its schedule to yours. It doesn’t matter if you need our services daily, weekly, monthly or one off. We aren’t worried if you want us there days, nights, weekdays or weekends. We stand ready to serve you, at your convenience.


We are a fully Licensed, Bonded and Insured company, meaning that you can rest easy when we are on the job. We stand behind everything with do with only the most professional personnel and standards.

Our Advantage:

We are not the oldest cleaning company in the San Diego County area, nor are we the largest, but some day we hope to be. This means you will receive a more personalized service than the big companies can offer. With Cleaning Unlimited of San Diego County your not just a client, you’re our neighbor and your satisfaction is our only concern. We will meet your needs, on your schedule and to your satisfaction. The future of our company depends on it. This is our advantage and the advantage you enjoy by choosing Cleaning Unlimited for all of your business and commercial cleaning needs.